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Coaching for Agile teams



I have been working in IT for 15 years. I started as a Java Engineer. After couple of years I moved to a Scrum Master role, conducting my first Agile Transformation back in 2009.
At that time, an Agile Coach role was not much popular, so natural career move for me was to become a manager – starting as a project manager, up until becoming a global multi-team manager.

Training and coaching always appealed to me – so I was taking such activities during the course of these years.
Finally, I decided to move on from management positions and become an independent advisor and coach in an Agile environment – the environment I spent the most time in.

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching

I assist Agile teams in their day to day life. I use a coaching approach defined by the ICF – International Coach Federation as well as a mentoring approach based on my 13 years of experience of working in an IT industry.

Empathy and Non Violent Communication proposed by Marshall Rosenberg are key for me while working with teams and individuals.

I believe that in the journey of Transformation towards Agile there is a huge need for having an independent assistance and support in the teams to help them perform better in a rapidly changing Agile environment.



As a certified Facilitator, I help teams and groups go through the group dynamic process while working together at meetings or workshops.
Thanks to support given by the Facilitator groups can effectively use their potential coming from diversity and boost their creativity. I am with them during the creative process - from forming and storming phases up to achieving their goals and making the actions.



I specialize in providing training in the area of Agile, ITIL and Project Management.


I specialize in providing training in the area of Agile, ITIL and Project Management.



Tomasz has all the assets vital to be a great project manager - management knowledge, strong ICT technical background and outstanding interpersonal skills. Probably this unique combination is a reason for all his projects to go smoothly. I mean _all_ his projects, even the difficult ones. I would not hesitate to hire him as a PM on a country scale implementation project.

 Szymon Myslinski/ ABB / Vice President IT Innovation and Digital Scouting





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Tomasz Manugiewicz

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